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Cellulose Converting Solutions

Cellulose Converting Solutions is an Italian company which engineers and installs complete lines for the manufacturing of disposable hygienic products. The company was founded through the merger of a leading investor and two groups of technicians and designers with a thirty-year experience in the production of machines for baby diapers, incontinence products, lady sanitary napkins, bed under-pads, fluid absorbing pads, and bibs for babies and adults. The company has achieved many international goals thanks to its skill in this field, combined with a continuous desire for innovation and technological development.
CCS works with passion and competence, constantly striving to create new technologies able to support any idea; namely to offer its customers a practical solution to their needs, customizing its products to fit the customer’s demands.

The company extends over 12.000 m² with 8.300 m² of indoor facilities, of which 750 are assigned to the Mechanical and Electrical Design Departments and 250 m² to workshops. These numbers alone show the importance given to the creative and innovative processes within CCS. The Engineering Department, which permanently houses more than 40 skilled engineers, is supported by the most advanced technologies in the field allowing to promptly create customized equipment upon request in order to satisfy the specific needs of each partner. Furthermore, the facility maintains a warehouse of 2500 m² specifically intended for the storage of spare parts.

CCS currently employs more than 100 people, each with significant professional experience developed over the years. This, in turn, guarantees high professional standards as well as excellent quality and reliable business offers, for all clients.

Over the years, the company has constantly invested in human capital, convinced that people are the key to determining successful innovation. For this reason CCS stakes its interest in talented university graduates in order to foster a dynamic environment in which the continuous exchange of ideas fuels a high level of productivity, ideas and quality. The continuous interaction between the various departments within the company encourages a constructive flow of know-how and helps create a flexible yet professional environment. Our motto "Diversify by Integrating" summarizes a working method that grows and develops through the integration and interaction of diverse professional areas. This is essential in a field which brings together technology with controlled processes of product automation, management and customization.


CCS SPA has implemented its corporate structure with the Model of organization, management and control provided by Legislative Decree no. 231 / 2001.

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Quality and safety policy

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