Reason Converting Applications


Monitor production data of the line

  • OEE
  • Produced pieces
  • Scrap pieces
  • All information about stop
  • Downlodable Excel information

Raw Material

For each raw material on the machine, our App allows you to check:

  • General overview, showing consumption per hour of each raw material (Pulp, SAP, Nonwovens, Poly, etc.)
  • Quantity of Raw material used for good products
  • Quantity of Raw material which ends up in waste products

Digital Documentation

  • Digital Documentation
  • Interactive calatogue: 3D platform wich allows to navigate inside the line.
    • Easy to identify all the spare parts and the needed features
    • To gain expertise of the line
    • Always up to date documentation
  • Owner’s Manual: easy to consult for all customers employees

Problem Solving

CCS App allows to improve machine performance over time by quickly identifying the key machine optimal parameters which are impacted by issues.

In summary

  • Absolute convenience of the app
  • 24/7
  • Full accessibility to all devices IOS or Android
  • Secure protection and anonymity of the data guaranteed by Siemens (leader of the automation field)