• 2021

    On the track of finding post-Covid19 solutions CCS successfully managed to deliver the first complete production line to be fully commissioned via remote. Thanks to the promising results CCS started investing in the development of new technological platforms “Industry 4.0 ready” and the “CCS APP REASON”, allowing the customers to easily access and monitor the machine performances, raw material consumption, digital documentation and problem solving.

    The CCS exhibition at the rescheduled Index20 was a bet, but turned to be the best experience ever for the whole company having organized a real-time internet connection between the CCS Index booth and the CCS plant in Città S. Angelo and the Innovation Center and logistic hub in Moscufo.

  • 2020

    CCS engages in fighting the Covid19 spread and realizes a new range of manufacturing lines for the production of face masks, involving great engineering and production efforts and financial investments. The result of nr. 10 Face Masks Machines delivered worldwide confirms the great flexibility that distinguishes the company.
  • 2019

    IDEA19 show creates great interest regarding the evolution of tests of the EM Sensor, showing the main achievements of SAP visual distribution on core area (fully tested at 1000ppm) and measurement of SAP weight during machine production (still under development).
  • 2018

    CCS makes a major investment by setting up a new “Innovation Center” in Moscufo plant fully dedicated to "Research and Development" and supported by the most advanced technologies in the hygiene converting industry. This way CCS strives to satisfy any customer specific needs and partnering up with competitive solutions on specific converter processes. The same year CCS starts extensive tests of the “EM sensor”, implementing an advanced and innovative core forming system to control SAP distribution in the core area.
  • 2017

    Great success at Index17 show in Geneva with many positive feedbacks from different visitors passing by the CCS booth.

    Always combining continuous desire for innovation and technological development, a new generation of equipment is added to the CCS range to configure new high-speed production lines.

    The company continued to bring new skills and rapidly increased its organization from 65 employees in 2008 toward more than 100.

  • 2016

    In January 2016 CCS and MARUISHI Co. Ltd. made a license agreement according to which MARUISHI will manufacture CCS adult and baby diaper converting machines and related hygiene products for the JAPANESE market as well as for Japanese invested projects overseas.
    Based on this agreement, MARUISHI will also provide the technical and commercial services for the equipment supplied.
  • 2015

    In the first months of the year, CCS begins a process of implementing the Lean Thinking method into its working methods, and new skilled professionals join the company.
    During this year CCS creates its own baby pant manufacturing machine platform, heavily investing in the future expansion of this segment of the market.
    Furthermore, CCS’ constant commitment to collaborate with its customers to find the specific technical solution for their ideas, led to a complete new project for a customized Male incontinence production line.
    2015 was a very busy year for CCS. In fact, with the goal of constantly improving hospitality towards customers and suppliers, and mainly to improve working conditions of its personnel, CCS is putting into operation an air conditioning system in the production area, and doing a complete restyling of the reception area, the canteen, and the personnel dressing rooms, besides adding new offices and meeting rooms.
  • 2014

    In the spirit of wanting to meet the needs of the customers, CCS opens a raw materials and finished product quality control department, with its own fully equipped laboratory and skilled personnel.
  • 2013

    As the organization grows, the space of the premises dedicated to employees needs to be increased. During the second half of the year, a complete new area is restyled to become the new Sales department.
  • 2012

    In order to provide adequate infrastructure to support its growth, CCS moves to a new location.
  • 2011

    CCS continues its expansion by acquiring Trademark SSP, another Italian company in the field of disposable hygienic products, thus increasing its portfolio of know-how and projects.
  • 2010

    The range of equipment was further extended with the realization of a 1,200 piece-per-minute lady napkin line and a pull-on adult incontinence line.
  • 2009

    Business grew and relationships with customers strengthened. The creation of advanced, high-technology equipment continued. 
    Equipment for the production of a baby diaper line of 700 pieces per minute was developed as well as a double drum-forming adult incontinence line.
    The expansion of our equipment range, together with its implementation with components aimed at reducing production costs, has given our product an added value which is greatly appreciated by our customers.
  • 2008

    The families from two successful and solid industrial businesses decided to invest in a new sector.
    Almost by chance they met a group of designers and engineers from two different working environments yet in the same disposable sector. 
    With such a favorable premise for success, the decision was taken to merge these two industrial experiences into a new entity.
    Cellulose Converting Solutions SpA was thus founded.
    In the first few months of its business operation, the company invested in the realization of a new generation of equipment and in the expansion of available technologies in the engineering and manufacturing fields.
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