Other Equipment

We provide a range of improvements and features designed to be implemented on existing machines, allowing you to benefit from the added value of upgraded assets. These solutions are meant to be compatible with existing technology from any machine manufacturer. Our offer includes, but is not limited to, Side Panels Equipment, Textile Backsheet in-line and Single Wrap unit.

Cellulose pulp mill

Complete mill for the cellulose pulp sheet defibration into fluff for any type of disposable hygienic products – double feeding with automatic pulp sheet change, or single feeding – 10” or 20” pulp sheet wide – treated or untreated cellulose.

Drum forming unit

Complete drum forming with different fluff inlet and adjustable vacuum chambers – forming wheels with 3d or 2d cavities – discrete pads or continuous fluff mat – full servo driven.

Easy wrap unit

Complete equipment for the individual wrapping of sanitary napkins and panty liners - turning unit – with or without peel strip – with or without closure tape – threefolded products – speed up to 1700 pieces/min.

Side panels equipment

Complete equipment for baby diapers back and front ears, symmetric and asymmetric with 0-trim and low trim. Complete equipment for adult incontinent brief side panels.

Single wrap unit

Complete equipment for the individual wrapping of baby diapers – off line polyethylene unwinding unit – full servo driven transmission – speed up to 1200 pieces/min.

Textile bachsheet in-line

Complete equipment for the construction in-line of textile backsheet. The unit unwinds the polyethylene backsheet material and the nonwoven web and join them together. The material obtained is a cloth-like backsheet for the construction of diapers.