Baby Pants Diaper Line

Pant type baby diaper with fully elasticated threads waist band
Baby Pants Diaper
Baby Pant Diaper
Technical Specs

High efficiency defibration system with low power consumption

  • single or double drum forming
  • drum forming unit with core processor
  • high SAP
  • concentration (up to 70 - 30 SAP/fluff ratio)
  • full servodrive transmission
  • off-line unwinding units
  • curved elastics application unit
  • shaped cutting
  • Front “picture tape”
  • elastics deactivation
  • disposable tape
  • single tension control for each elastic thread, with endless unwinding system
  • digital full touch screen control panel and vision system
  • easy and fast change over
  • horizontal counting and stacking

800 pieces / min (depending on the size)